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The Los Angeles Observer is a photography-rich publication documenting Art, Culture, Science, and Sports in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

The 1,300 journalists at the New York Times publish about 230 stories daily, and the 700 journalists at the Washington Post publish about 500 stories. The five human journalists, two human editors, and an unknown number of “bot journalists” at RADAR (Reporters And Data Robots) publish about 266 stories daily. Here at the Los Angeles Observer, we publish about one story a week. We’re not competing with anyone on quantity.

There are myriad international, national, regional, and local stories that we don’t cover. Many of those stories are covered in a similar fashion by multiple publications. LAO strives to make the few stories we cover present unique and compelling voices you won’t hear anywhere else.

Who we are

The LA Observer is funded by a grant from the Sauceda Art Foundation.

Publishers: Beatrice + Dagoberto Sauceda

Managing Editor: Glenn Zucman


The Los Angeles Observer launched on April 8, 2024. On that date, a total eclipse of the sun traveled from Mexico, through 12 American states, and on to Canada. As the skies darkened animals returned to their nests. The stars came out. And then, as the moon slowly allowed us to enjoy the sun’s warmth once more, this new publication was born. We hope to spread light.


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Send your story pitches to editor@laobserver.org

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If you make a free profile at Gravatar.com, your comments and articles can have your photo or avatar attached. And, if you choose, they can link back to your website or other web presence.

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The Los Angeles Observer’s privacy policy is here:



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Terms of Use

Los Angeles Observer © 2024 by the Staff + Contributors of the Los Angeles Observer is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International

If an individual contributor chooses a different license for their work, that license will be stated on each page containing the work. For use rights for such materials, contact the contributor. Or, for assistance in contacting the contributor, contact the Los Angeles Observer.

The right to remix and reuse LAO content does not imply the right to remix and reuse copyrighted or otherwise protected content that may appear within our work such as trademarks and private citizens.

LAO Style

The Los Angeles Observer uses a modified Associated Press Style. We like Oxford commas. We use MLA style to italicize the titles of works. The full, and exciting, details are on the LAO Style page:

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