Thursday, Feb 29

In a close South Conference match, the Mt. SAC Women’s Wrestling team held off host East Los Angeles College, 33-24.

ELAC wears green. Mt. SAC wears crimson.

Kira Roberts

Kira Roberts, ELAC

136# – Bella Llamas vs Viviana Aguayo

Bella Llamas, Mt. SAC pinned Viviana Aguayo, ELAC

220# – Izzy  Calle

Izzy  Calle, ELAC, won by forfeit

102# – Jessica Villalon vs Valerie Ng

Jessica Villalon, ELAC, pinned Valerie Ng, Mt. SAC

109# – Tiffany Yanagi vs Mollie Jimenez

Tiffany Yanagi, Mt. Sac, pinned Mollie Jimenez, ELAC

123# Delilah Felix-Lopez vs Herminia Estrada

Delilah Felix-Lopez, ELAC, pinned Herminia Estrada, Mt. SAC

128# – Nadia Hernandez vs AJ Guizar

Nadia Hernandez, Mt. SAC, won by decision

136# – Ariana Valdivia

Ariana Valdivia, ELAC

148# – Elizabeth Carrillo vs Britney Parga

Elizabeth Carrillo, Mt. SAC, pinned Britney Parga, ELAC

160# – Galilea Garcia-Salazar vs Gen Deleon

Galilea Garcia-Salazar, ELAC, pinned Gen Deleon, Mt. SAC

180# Hayley Huynh vs Jennifer Contreras

Hayley Huynh, Mt. Sac, pinned Jennifer Contreras, ELAC

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