A Conversation with Mahsa Soroudi

A conversation with Iranian artist Mahsa Soroudi. Life in Tehran. Immigrating to the United States and Southern California. We focus on two of her art projects, Nature’s Cadence, and 7,500 Miles.

Nature’s Cadence is Soroudi’s journey with drought-tolerant succulent plants. A journey that parallels her own “drought” as an immigrant in a foreign land. 7,500 Miles is the distance between Soroudi’s current home in Southern California, and her hometown, Tehran. In this exhibition Soroudi and fellow Iranian expatriate Parisa Ghaderi curate work from a range of Iranian women artists whose art defies Western stereotypes to explore the issues of their own lives and in their own time.

Mahsa Soroudi shares a tray of succulent petals that have started growing tiny roots and new petals to a guest at the reception for Nature’s Cadence.
The tiny, helpless succulent petals that somehow manage to persevere, even in adverse conditions.
Fiber artist Alyssa Arney plants a single succulent petal in a tiny pot at the opening reception of Mahsa Soroudi’s exhibition Nature’s Cadence.
One of Mahsa Soroudi’s successful succulents.

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